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VetSpine Chiropractic treatments include mobilization of each joint, adjustments as needed, and soft

Focus on Spinal Health

Dr. Repking considers herself first a Chiropractor, and second a sports medicine doctor.  These modalities go hand in hand.  She is an expert on the spine and is adamant about corrective rehabilitation work to restore proper posture as animal athletes progress through their training.  This becomes even more important when Healing from injury.  Dr. Repking uses a Whole Animal approach in her medicine, and utilized both Eastern and Western medicine techniques.  She enjoys working with horses and dogs, even the occasional cat, rabbit, or cow!

Diseased spinal facet joints.  Even pets get spinal arthritis.

Integrative Medicine: East meets West

Dr. Repking sees Chiropractic as the center of her practic, and a vital therapy for her patients.  Her chiropractic treatments are unique, treating both soft tissue as well as bones.  She manipulates each joint to restore mobility, maintain functional range of motion, and makes necessary adjustments along the way.  In addition, she utilizes muscle release techniques and acupuncture to treat soft tissues in problem areas, which helps support the restored alignment of the bones.  Sessions typically last 45 to 60 minutes for horses and 20-40 minutes for canine patients dependent on size and personality.  She compliments her equine eastern medicine skills with Western medicine diagnostics to aid in treatment of illness and injury.


Sports medicine and ultrasound

Dr. Repking has spent years studying the anatomy and movement of horses through her studies as well as her own riding and training.  She performs regular soundness exams on her patients and takes a special interest in ultrasound.  She particularly enjoys looking into problems of the spine and utilizes rehabilitation exercises to help restore posture and the neuromuscular connection that coordinates movement.  Healing through movement is a key component to managing and Healing equine and canine athletes.  

In her spare time she rides her own OTTB, whom she has trained and ridden for 17 years.  She also has a Coonhound and a Pointer who are both obedience trained and have enjoyed learning agility basics.  She has a unique understanding of the owner, and often helps find solutions with “out of the box” problem solving.  

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